About Us

Our team come from a multitude of disciplines from Lighting, Film and Photography, Visual Effects, Events Management, Installation Art, Motion Design, to Production Management.

With years of experience providing design and management for various scale projects from world famous festivals and film blockbusters to launch events and installation artwork, we pride ourselves on having a wide skill base capable of tackling any given task.



Ela Brunel Hawes

Ela is a multi media artist and an art director working in the fields of 3D, interactive art, photography, film production and sound. Ela graduated from Central Saint Martins, graphic design in 2008. She then went to Kingston University to further her studies in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from an artistic eye, having a technical input has helped her to understand video engineering and the combination of hardware, light, sound and image. She now pursues her passion in these fields by working as an events specialist, creating tour contents, music videos and art. 


Daniel Shutt

Daniel has over 23 years of experience in the Visual Effects industry working as an artist as well as an instructor. He is the creative brain behind complex scenes, making the impossible possible and enjoys finding technical solutions to creative problems. Daniel particularly enjoys working with new emerging technologies and techniques to create exciting visual imagery for live events.


Simon Vaughan

Simon has been working as a project manager across different sectors for over 10 years. At WeAreMidnight he oversees the projects from start to finish and is the first point of contact at client relations. With experience in all areas of events he also has a broad range of skills and expertise in production.